CamGuard is an oil additive supplement designed to treat problems of wear, corrosion, deposits and seal degradation in aircraft piston engines. CamGuard contains 11 highly performing additives and is active 100%. It improves performance dramatically and is compatible with all aviation oils including mineral based, multi viscosity and semi-synthetic types.

In addition to aircraft engines, the CamGuard oil additive is greatly beneficial for corrosion control when added to the crankcase of any type of engine infrequently used. CamGuard is compatible with all passenger car and heavy-duty diesel oils, including synthetic motor oils. Marine inboard/outboard engines, motorcycle, backup generators and emergency equipment, classic and antique vehicles, agricultural and all-seasons equipment. 

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Complete Protection with CamGuard Aviation (source:

Why would pilots consider an oil additive in their piston engine? How about reliability, longevity, and reduced engine maintenance cost. Face it, aircraft engines are very expensive and need to be absolutely reliable. How is it possible for an oil additive to have an appreciable effect on engine life? The answer is simple, by not allowing rust to form on highly loaded parts or deposits to build-up on critical parts; the engine continues to operate as if it were new. No rust means no premature overhaul due to failed camshafts. No deposits means no sticking rings, valves or poor compressions as well as a host of other technical benefits that are real and measurable each time you send in an oil sample. Laboratory analysis typically reports a 30% reduction in wear metals, which gives peace of mind when flying in challenging conditions. Read on to understand why CamGuard provides 16 ounces of prevention and the cure to premature maintenance.

CamGuard Aviation is a blend of high performance additives that fortify piston aircraft oils to provide the utmost in engine protection. Because of FAA regulations and costs, even the newest commercial aircraft oil technology is antiquated.
CamGuard Aviation addresses the complex interrelated problems of corrosion, deposits and wear in air-cooled piston aircraft engines.
CamGuard Aviation contains powerful multi-metal corrosion inhibitors that prevent rust and corrosion in infrequently used engines. Infrequent engine use can lead to rust pits forming on cam and lifter surfaces. This pitting can result in catastrophic spalling wear requiring a premature engine overhaul.
CamGuard Aviation contains advanced anti-wear additives to dramatically reduce the wear of cams, lifters, cylinders, rings, gears and valve guides.
CamGuard Aviation prevents scuffing wear from “dry starts” by maintaining an active lubricant film on critical parts, even after periods of prolonged inactivity.
CamGuard Aviation utilizes unique ashless deposit control additives that prevent the formation of varnish and carbon deposits throughout the engine.
CamGuard Aviation use in older engines allows component motions to free up sticky rings and valves, increasing compressions and reducing oil consumption.
CamGuard Aviation contains seal conditioners that nullify the effects of heat and time to keep seals supple, flexible, and performing like new.


Four of the top selling piston aircraft oils were tested for corrosion resistance with and without the addition of CamGuard Aviation. The testing was performed at an independent laboratory utilizing the DIN 50017 humidity cabinet test. The DIN 50017 method demonstrates excellent field correlation, unlike the obsolete ASTM 1748 humidity cabinet test.

The graph indicates the average number of days until failure, which is defined as the observation of three 1mm spots of rust on the steel test panels. The red bars indicate time to failure for the untreated oils while the blue bars represent the corresponding oils with the addition of 5% CamGuard Aviation. All the oils show a remarkable improvement with the addition of CamGuard Aviation.

 The CamGuard Story began with CamGuard Aviation

which was developed as an ultra-high performance aviation product.

The photos above are pistons removed from two different Lycoming IO-540 aircraft engines. The piston on the left is from our FAA certification engine using CamGuard for 500 hours. The certification test was in an aerobatic aircraft that utilized very high power settings resulting in extremely high temperatures. The piston on the right was taken from a non-aerobatic aircraft engine that was flown at typical cruise power settings, without CamGuard, for 500 hours. The difference in deposits is striking. Because of this extraordinary experience.